Corinna Mansell:

Over the past 30 years Corinna has had a diverse and rewarding career in the real estate industry. Starting her career with a well-known independent brand Corinna had a successful start to her career as a sales person with a period of time in property management and administration roles.

When an opportunity rose for her career to take the next step into business ownership Corinna bought her first real estate office. Over a seven year period Corinna grew that one office to a total of seven offices, at the same time taking the market share from 5% to in excess of 70%.

How that all started was Corinna took the opportunities to purchase an existing banded office then purchasing and rebranding a couple as well as starting up from ground zero... Achieving top office... Sales supreme... Top market share.. Top numbers of sales...... Corinna was presented her next opportunity... an offer to sell her business and work at a corporate level to help other businesses grow their businesses.

Corinna enjoyed the new challenges and again was recognised on a national level for customer service to her clients.

Corinna loves seeing businesses reach their goals as well as ......nurturing new people into the industry... Helping those people who desire to own their own business....growing a business with in a business... Look at helping grow or starting a property management within business..... Help the administration teams in further their skills and careers

It is so rewarding working for an organisation who recognise that people and the relationship we have with them is the most important attribute we can have....

One thing that I have learnt is that we cannot change the past it is has gone .... But the future is exciting .... So let's enjoy it!
Corinna brings a wealth of knowledge to the group offering our Business Brokers support to help them grow their businesses profitability, profile, team in the areas of sales property management. Corinna also will be looking for those businesses wanting to look at what the RE/MAX brand could do for their business.... With sales experience through to multi business ownership through to Performance Manager for another leading real estate company. Corinna is keen to share her knowledge along with the knowledge she can bring from her extensive networking.