Steve Starke:

With impressive negotiation and investment experience in both residential property and light retail, Steve’s knowledge spans substantial renovation projects, personal property acquisition and sales.

An astute investor on a personal level, Steve is equally as comfortable in the commercial sector, including experience in the negotiation of leases for small commercial vehicle fleets and property. And his innate ability to scout out the right opportunities is well-respected by his clients in this competitive market.

Backed up by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and other previous academic work at Diploma level, Steve is a great believer in imparting knowledge and has built a strong reputation as an industry mentor to help others achieve financial stability and success. He excels in helping budding investors grow their wealth through property to create a secure future for themselves and their families.

A married family man with grown children, Steve knows the importance of building foundations for the next generation.

Steve’s down-to-earth and honest approach resonates with his clients. Having worked the hard yards to get where he is today, Steve’s myriad skill set and renowned work ethos was set in motion from an early age.

From his beginnings in factory work, fruit picking, cow milking, pumping gas and the like, he progressed from working with his hands in the plastics industry, to applying industry learnings through practical hands-on course work with master sales practitioner groups including Tom Hopkins and David Forman. The works of Napoleon Hill and the classic “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was a major influence in Steve’s decision to change his approach to income earning.

By adding critical and strategic thinking, with a focus on start-up business at the University of Auckland, Steve honed his mind mapping skills. And when asked to teach adults about the business of property investing, his academic framework combined with his own skill in this area, saw Steve quickly garner respect for his ability to both act on, and convey, this valuable knowledge to others.

This unique thirst for learning and passion for improvement has also led to success in both the chemical industry and mechanical pipework arenas. Applying these sought-after skills in commercial and residential applications gave Steve his first exposure to large construction sites, on which he carried out training of installers in addition to sales to the jobs.

A unique blend of practical and mentoring experience, coupled with a passion and drive for success, has driven Steve to be a shining example of what you can achieve when you set goals, demonstrated by his successful transition from manual roles to be appointed General Manager at Property Tutors, and his current role as Project Marketing Manager for Don Ha Real Estate.

Whether you’re looking to embark on your first home, are taking an initial leap into the investor market, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your portfolio to new heights, Steve will use his aspirational blend of experience, focus and interpersonal skills to help you achieve your goals.