The RE/MAX Renter

Before you decide to rent a property there are a few rules and regulations that you need to take into consideration.

A Residential Tenancy Agreement or 'lease' will be drawn up and is the legal contract that both you and your landlord must abide by. Lease or tenancy agreements differ between states, so please make sure you complete the appropriate state-based documentation.

A lease may include information such as the property location, the landlord's name, detail of rent to be paid, the amount of the bond, the start and end date of your tenancy, maintenance responsibilities and specific conditions around use of the property.

Renting can be a complex process for the uninitiated, with paperwork to complete, financial considerations and so on, so having a good understanding of what may be expected will help you secure the right property when you find it.

Renting tips

  • Make a good impression at every opportunity.
  • Be on time for inspections.
  • Choose a property that is clean, safe, secure and in good repair.
  • Confirm whether or not rent covers things like power, yard and pool maintenance.
  • Check that it meets your connectivity needs - e.g. phone, computer etc.
  • Be sure you can afford the property based on your income.
  • Provide excellent written references or parental guarantees - without being asked for them.
  • Pay rent on time, or earlier.
  • Make sure both the property and your personal contents are insured.
  • Advise the property managers promptly if there is a problem with the property.
  • Establish ground rules at the start of the tenancy and abide by them.