Corinna Mansell

General Manager / Licensed Agent

About Corinna Mansell

Meet Corinna

I went from being a very successful farm manager to a successful real estate sales agent with 98 per cent market share, and held that for around 15 years.
I discovered two things. Firstly that I was hooked on real estate; and secondly, that your community and marketplace must value you if you are to be truly successful in real estate.

My passion held strong through sales, property management, business management, business ownership, business mentoring and development, and the opportunity to head New Zealand for RE/MAX was a defining moment in my career.

I bought my first real estate office in 2001 and grew that to seven over a seven year period. Market share grew from five per cent to in excess of 70 per cent.

I joined RE/MAX New Zealand because it is a platform for business growth on a foundation of exceptional people in a global network of more than 6900 offices and 104,000 agents in around 100 countries.

I have walked in the shoes of the people in the real estate offices and am passionate about moving them through stages of business ownership and successful real estate careers.
RE/MAX puts the real estate agent at the centre of the industry and our mission is to facilitate unlimited opportunities for our agents and their clients. This sets us apart from our competition.