Real estate agents and salespeople operate under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 which is administered by the Real Estate Authority.

The Real Estate Authority provides helpful consumer information for buyers and sellers on its website (more ... )

Occasionally a buyer or seller may wish to make a complaint about their experience with a real estate agency or salesperson. Each RE/MAX office is independently owned and operated and has its own in-house complaints process. We recommend that consumers with a complaint should contact the RE/MAX office manager and ask about their complaints process. If you do not know who the office manager is you may find them on this website by searching the relevant office, or you may contact RE/MAX New Zealand and we will assist you to make contact with the right person to help with your complaint.

In addition, the Real Estate Authority has a complaints process. You do not have use the RE/MAX complaints and resolution procedure, you may make a complaint directly to the Real Estate Authority at any time. You can make a complaint to the Real Estate Authority even if you choose to also use the RE/MAX procedures. Information about the Real Estate Authority complaints procedure can be found on its website (more ... )