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Pleasing the buyers

When it comes to surveys on what potential buyers say can negatively affect them at a property inspection, busy roads, an over-powering smell of cigarettes and general dirtiness are ......

Apr 26 2019

What’s beyond the big city?

There’s more to real estate than property in capital and major city markets although so much of the investor focus still seems to be there. At times, even the outer suburbs are......

Apr 18 2019


The answer is that it could be $10,000 or even more.
Really! you exclaim – how did you arrive at that number?

Simple really, you see most of us will buy severa......

Apr 03 2019

Would you invest in a different region?

Many people do it and you may already be one of them. Investing in property is a big decision, both financially and otherwise, but investing in unfamiliar territory can seem daunting......

Mar 28 2019