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RE/MAX takes the win!

There is only one RE/MAX hot air balloon in New Zealand and it’s operated by Chris and Wendy Bransgrove, with their company, Balloon Promoters Ltd, being New Zealand's lead......

Jul 05 2019

Could your home handle the extra people?

Adult kids who have come back for a ‘short while’. Baby Boomer parents who are at an age where they may need some in-home support. With three generations in one house, co......

Jun 18 2019

Now's the time to prep

Spring is often touted the best time of the year to sell a property, with the weather making house-hunting more pleasant, many homes and gardens at their most inviting, and buyers se......

Jun 10 2019


Here’s a question for dinner table conversation that’s sure to divide: Would you buy a house on a railway line?

While you might think that loud, rattling trains......

Jun 06 2019