About Don Ha

Don Ha is the chairperson of the board of RE/MAX New Zealand, and Director of RE/MAX Revolution and RE/MAX Projects. He is considered a world-leading real estate agent and influencer. RE/MAX is the globe’s largest and most successful real estate brand. He is also a Sales Trainer, Wealth Mentor and Founder of RE/MAX Revolution.
During his tenure with RE/MAX Revolution he made the office number one in New Zealand for the franchise group and his special ‘Don Ha Project Marketing’ team was ranked number two in RE/MAX Global for value of sales in US dollars and number one by volume of sales for 2019. He was also inducted into the International RE/MAX Hall of Fame at a lavish event in Las Vegas in early 2020.
Don is one of New Zealand’s leading property sales gurus with an amazing rags-to-riches story behind him beginning in war-torn Vietnam, whereas a young boy, he escaped war with his family and finally arrived in New Zealand as a refugee.
He has personally sold over a billion dollars of real estate and brings abundant experience to every deal. He has mentored hundreds of investors to build wealth through property. One of his biggest achievements is designing and marketing the $80million plus Sunline Estate, the largest single level housing development in South Auckland.
Although he is a very successful businessman, he has a level of compassion seldom seen and a genuine desire to mentor and change people’s lives as he forges ahead with making the RE/MAX brand a household name in New Zealand.
He leads by example, and this has created a high level of trust and loyalty with his clients and his team who draw inspiration and motivation from his success. He has a complete open-door policy and makes time for anyone or any organisation to meet with him.