About Hemant Patel

Hemant Patel came to RE/MAX New Zealand with a unique set of skills and aptitudes which he’d gained through a career that began as a commercial pilot.

Now Franchise Sales Manager, and already receiving praise from new real estate franchise owners, Hemant's keys strength's lay in being very analytical, professional, and most importantly working with trust and respect. 

Before pairing with RE/MAX New Zealand, he was on his way to becoming an airline pilot, studying while working in management at Duty Free, Auckland Airport.

Then the impact of COVID became a blessing in disguise and Hemant was introduced to New Zealand's real estate guru and RE/MAX CEO, Don Ha and COO, Mala Maharaj.

Through RE/MAX New Zealand leadership and culture coupled with his background in aviation, Hemant can think fast on his feet and implement ideas immediately and, most importantly, find solutions to problems. 

Once told, ‘There's a solution to each and every problem,’ it has become his mantra.

In Hemant's personal life, he enjoys the fast life of motorsport, long-distance running and cricket. Understanding the principles of long-distance running and cricket, he respects that life both personally and professionally is not a sprint but a marathon and that all aspects of life require patience, time and dedication. 

Clients describe him as professional, dependable, courteous, always calm and someone who always returns calls, commits and delivers. They have appreciated that Hemant never placed them under any pressure for a commitment, instead ensuring that they had answers to all relevant questions and giving them space to understand the opportunity thoroughly before committing.

He recalls with pride a comment from his first franchise sale: ‘Hemant's approach made our decision to go with RE/MAX easier and with no regrets.’