Ravi Singh

Licensed Salesperson

Licensed under the REAA 2008

About Ravi Singh

Ravi’s started his career in real estate as Don Ha’s purchaser’s agent. With such an auspicious start, it’s no wonder his property career is still going from strength to strength 17 years later. The skills learnt under Don’s tutelage merged with Ravi’s natural sales ability resulted in an incredible 76 property sales within his first year. That’s more than one home sold each week!

More than a decade later, Ravi has multi million real estate sales under his belt. Able to turn his skills to any type of property, Ravi is equally as comfortable selling a family home or investment property to new builds from the plans. In fact, one of Ravi’s earliest successes was selling 80 new homes in one development over a 13 month period.

Longevity in real estate clearly demonstrates those with the recipe for success. Ravi has witnessed the highs and lows of property market cycle – from a flat market, to the challenges of a downturn, and the boom of the last few years. True ability is shown when the market is tough, and the fact Ravi is still achieving fantastic sales results is testament to his impeccable customer service and sheer hard work.

A true believer in offering his clients a full service approach, Ravi is dedicated to the needs of both his vendors and purchasers. He supports all his clients throughout the entire sales process, including helping smooth the way and find a solution if deals get stuck.

Since moving to South Auckland in 1987, Ravi has seen the area develop into a thriving community. Ravi’s vast database of contacts reflects both his local property career and his history of delighted customers.

Ravi is a salesperson who gets results. Indeed the multi million in sales speaks for itself. If you want to see the ‘Sold’ sign up on your property, talk to Ravi and share a slice of his success.