About Rohith Muniah

Rohith started his property career in 2003 in South Africa as a Broker/Agent concentrating on Commercial and Industrial Property Sales and Leasing. Rohith moved with his wife and two children to Auckland and is extremely proud to call New Zealand home. 


Early into his career he quickly caught the attention of an ex-Founder of a company who took him under his wings and become his mentor. They joined forces and went on to open Dalmax Properties CC. This gave Rohith the foundation to learn the industry quickly. Rohith went on from there to open his own business Rocom Properties in 2010 in Natal, South Africa. With his wife Roana at his side they employed a team of 27 staff and ran a highly successful business.  
Today, Rohith is a Broker Owner of a RE/MAX Franchise in Auckland, New Zealand still focusing on Commercial and Industrial Sales and Leasing with members of his team concentrating on Residential Sales in Onehunga and the greater Auckland area. 


In his spare time Rohith enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. As Rohith is from South Africa, he is an expert on the Braai (BBQ) and enjoys hosting and entertaining family and friends.