May 2024

Garry and Maree Malcolm - RE/MAX 20 Year Anniversary

By Hemant Patel

May 2024


Garry Malcolm, Managing Director of RE/MAX Team Realty, and wife and business partner Maree, celebrate 20 years of continuous service with RE/MAX in New Zealand this month.

After signing a franchise agreement in May 2004, Garry and Maree went on to grow a successful real estate business recognised as not only a leading office in the New Zealand network but in the global RE/MAX network as well.

RE/MAX New Zealand Chairman Don Ha used to call Garry the ‘Jedi Master’ but now says he’s the ‘Master Yoda*’.

“Garry demonstrates incredible loyalty and support for the brand, for which I can't thank him enough,” Don says. “Even after two decades, he is actively and continually promoting RE/MAX at a level few others can demonstrate.”

The RE/MAX New Zealand leadership team describe Garry as a long-term thinker and the first person who people go to for advice and direction on operational maters and profitability, with other broker owners often spending time in his business to learn strategies for success in their own.

Garry represents all broker owners on the RE/MAX New Zealand Board Advisory Group – other members are Chairman Don Ha, CEO Mala Maharaj and National Licensing and Compliance Manager Alan Elliott – which meets once a quarter to address the direction for RE/MAX New Zealand, growth in agents and offices, training, marketing, technology and initiatives.

Reflecting on his business achievements, Garry says he couldn’t have done it without Maree.

“I’ve always said that my success is the result of surrounding myself with people who were better and smarter than me, and that started 50 years ago when Maree and I got married.”

He has a theory on why his successful team, led by him and Maree as broker owners, is by majority, women.

“I think it is because women are better at multi-tasking and better at relationships, especially when they have families of their own.”

Another contributing factor in RE/MAX Team Realty success is longevity, with a number having been with him for over a decade, and one agent for 19 years.

“While we have the greatest respect for all our clients, it is the people on our team, the sales agents and support staff, who are the most important people in our business.”

Almost half of Garry Malcolm’s real estate career, which began in 1981, has been with RE/MAX.

“Through my two RE/MAX decades, I have worked with wonderful people and I value their support immensely. When I began, the region was under US direction, then it was the Davorens and Chris Chapman, and then Don and Mala. I’ve enjoyed the support and friendship of many quality professionals - fellow broker owners and regional owners - in New Zealand, in Australia and worldwide.”

Garry laughs that while he may have a succession plan in place, the details will be announced when the time is right, though Maree plans to retire at the end of June when she will spend more time with her other passion, tennis.

Golf is Garry’s other passion. He’s a member of the New Plymouth Golf Club, is widely recognised for his RE/MAX-branded golf cart and has been playing for as long as he’s been with RE/MAX.

“I must admit to always thinking about real estate, even on the golf course, and while I turn my mobile off for the Saturday comp, everyone knows I keep it on during social games. And I do enjoy that extra shot I get on the hole I sponsor!”

While winning ‘match play pairs’ at his club is up there, RE/MAX figures among Garry’s great golfing moments, including playing with broker owners and agents in Bangkok at the Asia Pacific Convention.

“Not so great was missing out on playing golf at the global R4 convention in Las Vegas because I had been invited to sit on a panel,” he says.

His memorable RE/MAX moments are numerous.

“We launched RE/MAX Team Realty with a 4th July opening, which was synonymous with the US origins of RE/MAX. Maree’s parents had bought the building for us to lease for our business. Maree and I now own it outright and RE/MAX Team Realty is still located there.”

The office opened with Garry, Maree, one sales agent and one support person. That grew to 15 sales agents by the close of their first year.

Other highlights for Garry and Maree include being in the top three RE/MAX offices in New Zealand since they began the business, winning international Broker Owner of the Year in 2013 and accepting that award at R4, with many thousands in attendance, and Garry’s invitation to the RE/MAX New Zealand Advisory Board around eight years ago.

“Always a highlight and very important to me is the support we’ve been able to give in sponsorship and community involvement through our RE/MAX standing.”

Ten years after entering the industry as a sales agent, Garry became an associate of REINZ in 1991. He served two separate terms as Taranaki District President and has served on the District Committee for 30 years, after which he was the REINZ Ambassador for the Taranaki Region.

In 2002, he was appointed a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, recognising his commitment to the real estate industry.

Garry says that celebrating this 20-year anniversary was a milestone that reflected his confidence and pride in the global RE/MAX brand.

“RE/MAX has entered its sixth decade since its first office opening in 1973. Founders Dave and Gail Liniger created an environment where productive agents would come together, motivate each other and see their results soar; and that model launched in Denver, Colorado, is still going strong today, all around the globe.

“I am one of more than 140,000 RE/MAX members in more than 110 countries and territories and I’m very proud to be here.”

RE/MAX Team Realty is planning celebrations in New Plymouth for 22nd June.

*Yoda was a legendary Jedi Master and stronger than most in his connection with the Force. Wise and powerful, he trained Jedi for over 800 years, playing integral roles in the Clone Wars, the instruction of Luke Skywalker, and unlocking the path to immortality.