March 2022

A Billion Dollar Business, the RE/MAX surge continues

How proud does that make us feel, that the company’s turnover is now in excess of $1billion in sales value.

We prospered through 2021 as we did the year before and the achievements we celebrated through our annual awards proved this.
Our double-digit growth continued. The figures are awesome: 75 per cent growth in agent count for 2021: 72 per cent growth in the size of our network and 60 per cent increase in business turnover year on year.

A RE/MAX real estate agent earns well above the industry average annual commission for a New Zealand agent. One way we achieve this is having the technology in place to do things remotely, including agreements and settled transactions, virtual auctions and conferences.
Another is through our training. During lockdown, we conducted 50 training events in the space of 60 days, fully equipping our agents to exceed clients’ expectations, do exceptional business and advance their standing further through 2022.

Our conference was restricted to 100 in person. Tickets quickly sold out because people wanted to be there in person, face-to face; but, through amazing technology, our network could attend virtually, hold their own mini-event and even participate in real time award ceremonies with awards being couriered in advanced to their offices. Hilton Hotel and RE/MAX, together, made things as safe as possible for all attending without diminishing the event.

Our RE/MAX rally and annual awards was an exciting event. We promised ‘A day full of growth. A night full of stars’ and it certainly was that, plus more.
RE/MAX continues to surge despite challenges and restrictions. Thank you to our vendors, purchasers, sponsor partners and all who make up this inspiring RE/MAX community.