July 2023

Benn takes RE/MAX to new heights

Lautoka-based real estate agent Paula Benn is the new owner and director of the first ever local franchise of one of the world’s biggest international brands in real estate, RE/MAX.

The launch of the new company was held in Lautoka on Thursday in the presence of Don Ha, a world-leading real estate agent, an influencer and the CEO of RE/MAX New Zealand.

“This occasion represents the bold step I have taken and demonstrates opportunities a woman can grab and the growth a woman can journey through under whatever circumstances she may endure to develop her confidence to prosper herself,” Ms Benn said.

“I first stepped into real estate by accident eight years back and it was a pathway for survival for me at that point in my life. “I threw myself into it 100 per cent, learning the skills, the knowledge, hustling and working late.”

While the struggles came with heartbreaks and tears, the determined realtor ensured her service was done efficiently and effectively in a timely manner for her clients.

Having worked for the Western Division tirelessly, the successful realtor believes the time has come for her to branch out and open a new business to reach a wider audience and utilise her expertise at the fullest.

“Our company is based in Lautoka, but we are proud to be servicing all of Fiji.

“I have worked the western division tirelessly and am well versed, I have fulfilled my clients’ demands efficiently and now my ambition is to grow outside of the Western division with the support of a big brand like RE/MAX behind me.

“We are excited about the future growth of RE/MAX Tropics into Suva and Nadi and we are proud to be part of the RE/MAX family, which is one of the most respected names in the real estate industry.” Ms Benn said the RE/MAX brand would elevate her company to be the only real estate company in Fiji with the biggest outreach into the world, with presence in over 110 countries and with over 140,000 agents.

She will work closely with Mala Maharaj, a former Lautoka resident and a wonderful friend of 25 years who has held senior roles in property related businesses since 2002.


ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: The Fiji Times https://www.fijitimes.com/benn-takes-re-max-to-new-heights/