August 2021

Harnessing the Energy of Change with Mind Power

RE/MAX NZ CEO Don Ha is proud to sponsor this Mind Power & Personal Mastery Class with renowned expert and international speaker Robin Banks.

Harnessing The Energy Of Change With Mind Power
with Robin Banks & Don Ha

Presenting a one-time only, free world-class experience directly to your home to inspire and uplift your day to day life during these challenging times.


Abundant Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

Mind Power will help you master your inner psychology around health and wellness, and help you become healthier, vibrant and feel good more than ever before. In times of uncertainty, mind power will equip you with tools to become resilient and recuperate from challenges you may face.

Abundant Wealth

Wealth and abundance are powerful forms of energy. By training your mind to focus on wealth, success and abundance, you will activate the power of attraction and become a money magnet! Mind Power will transform your financial life.

Abundant Relationships

People love being around people that are positive, motivated and seem to be going places. By mastering your mind, you will learn to master your emotions and responses to people and events, and give you a significant edge in personal relationships.

Robin Banks is one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of Mind Power and Personal Mastery. He is a highly-sought after International Speaker and Presenter and has an amazing ability to combine solid content with a humorous and dynamic presentation. More than 1 million people globally have been inspired by his various talks, workshops and presentations.

Don Ha is one of New Zealand’s leading property sales gurus with an amazing rags-to-riches story behind him beginning in war-torn Vietnam, where as a young boy, he escaped war with his family and finally arrived in New Zealand as a refugee. He has personally sold over a billion dollars of real estate and has mentored hundreds of investors to build wealth through property.