May 2023


“The future holds more growth and more unlimited opportunity,” says RE/MAX New Zealand CEO Don Ha following recognition by the global RE/MAX network of the real estate brand’s 20th anniversary in New Zealand.

In December 2012, the then RE/MAX LLC President, Vinnie Tracey, announced the global real estate franchisor was transferring the RE/MAX New Zealand master franchise and RE/MAX Australia master franchise to a local ownership group that included existing directors Michael Davoren and Chris Chapman.

Then, on 1st April 2020 - in the middle of the pandemic-fuelled lockdown - RE/MAX New Zealand sold to leading businessperson and acclaimed real estate industry professional, Don Ha, with Mala Maharaj joining the leadership team in a senior role. “The opportunity to own the master franchise was a goal I dreamed of fulfilling one day, but didn’t expect to be there so soon. I was grateful to Michael and Chris, and to RE/MAX LLC, who recognised my passion and my ability to lead this master franchise in continued growth.

“Since that time, it has been an honour to grow this wonderful brand and to lead RE/MAX New Zealand, and it fills me with immense joy to contribute to the RE/MAX legacy,” Don said.

He cited some of his favourite milestones and accolades:

- RE/MAX New Zealand received a global award for office nett gain through the 2020 calendar year.

- Double-digit growth continued with figures including 75% growth in agent count for 2021, 72% growth in the size of our network, and 60% increase in business turnover year on year.

- RE/MAX New Zealand turned over more than $1billion in sales value for the first time in the 2021 calendar year.

- A RE/MAX real estate agent earns well above the industry-average annual commission for a New Zealand agent.

- Our training offering is exceptional. Even during lockdown, we conducted 50 training events in the space of 60 days.

In February this year, Don, Mala and others from the New Zealand network were part of the spectacle that was R4, an annual global RE/MAX convention held in Las Vegas.

The three-day R4 convention this year had more than 9,300 attendees representing 74 countries and territories. The programme included world-class education, global networking, business building – and a special celebration of the franchisor’s first 50 years globally.

“It is hard to do justice to how awesome and exciting R4 is as an event,” said Don, “and this year demonstrated a bigger, bolder, and more ambitious RE/MAX spirit than ever before.”

The New Zealand contingent celebrated the 20th year anniversary recognition and the 50 years of RE/MAX, as well as global awards announced for Team Jerry (#3 Large Team) and Team Vinson (#16 Large Team) from RE/MAX Partners.

“We are proud to have these exceptional teams and individuals as part of our RE/MAX family, and gaining such world-wide recognition,” said Don.

He says RE/MAX New Zealand success is the result of its underpinning values - loyalty, trust, respect and hard work. Don, who is coming up for 30 years in real estate next year, says the future is incredibly exciting.

“I know RE/MAX New Zealand will be an even greater brand in five years’ time, with a far more extensive New Zealand reach… more offices, more agents , more visibility.

“RE/MAX is renowned for unlimited opportunity, which is why it attracts great numbers of quality agents and business owners, and if you believe that you possess the passion, integrity, loyalty and the desire to create a legacy, please join us on our march forward to greater success.”