September 2022

Vicky & Her family Need Your Support

Vicky Wang, of RE/MAX Riverina Realty in Hamilton, and her family recently lost all their belongings in a house fire.  We have created a Give a Little Page for Vicky and her family to help them get back on their feet. 

We are so grateful that this electrical fire occurred during the day when only Vicky was home. Keith and the children were at work and school. Had it occurred during the night, the outcome could have been very different. Vicky and her family lost everything but the clothes they were wearing at the time. As a result of the generosity of the RE/MAX Riverina Team, Pukete School, Pukete Neighbourhood House, and the wider community, they have been able to provide food, clothing, and household items to help get them back on their feet. They have temporary accommodation with a RE/MAX family member.

Since they did not have any insurance due to very unfortunate circumstances, we would like to assist them in getting themselves set up a bit more. As a result, any financial assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated by the family. All involved have been going through a very emotional time, and we ask that wherever you have any influence over insurance and smoke alarms, you encourage them to be installed in every sleeping room. It may seem unlikely that something like this could happen to you, but there are some things that are beyond our control.

If you are able to, please help Vicky & her family get back on their feet as soon as possible by donating to the 'Give a Little' page here.