RE/MAX Revolution is a dynamic office operation situated in Newmarket. Don Ha Projects being a division within the office can rightfully boast a top sales team and a real estate business that consistently has a billion dollars in homes, apartments, land and projects on its books.

Don Ha merged one of the largest independent real estate businesses in Auckland with RE/MAX at the start of 2018 to connect with its global network, skilfully and profitably bringing RE/MAX Revolution development projects to the international market. Demand for the project teams services has been so great that  an international division has been created to market properties in Australia and other parts of the world.

The team forges international links, including attending the RE/MAX Asia Pacific Conventions (South Korea - 2018, India - 2019) and the global RE/MAX R4 Convention in Las Vegas, and embraces all opportunities that make RE/MAX a true global brand and give RE/MAX Revolution a cutting edge over its competitors, un-matched by other real estate organisations.

South Auckland where the company began, is an affordable housing market with a solid base for business ventures and employment. With great infrastructure, educational facilities and accessibility, and a good return on investment properties. That said, areas of high-end real estate and new development have served to drive up prices over the recent decade.  A new office was opened in Newmarket to offer better services to buyers and sellers in the Auckland CBD and City Fringe for commercial real estate, business broking and of course the residential market comprising of homes, terraced housing, apartments, land  and developments.

RE/MAX Revolution’s commitment to its community is extensive, and includes sponsoring local soccer teams, co-hosting an annual event charity for the New Zealand Cancer Foundation, supporting the South Auckland Hospice, and helping raise more than $130,000 each year for charity.

Inspired by the slogan ‘life after sport’, RE/MAX Revolution provides mentoring and wealth advice to high-profile sportspeople, assisting some very famous names in the Supa 12 teams and well-known All Blacks to retirement wealth after their sporting career.

RE/MAX Revolution boasts a top sales force, and a top support team, that is the forefront of every successful transaction. It is a market leader in its field, highly respected and admired by its competitors for its impact on the industry and the community.

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Our campaigns focus on achieving an unconditional sale for a premium price within a specific timeframe. In Real Estate, it costs no more to work with the best in Auckland – and the best is unquestionably RE/MAX REVOLUTION.

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