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Encouraging greener-living in your rental property

People are more aware of the impact they are having on the environment these days, and as a property owner, honing in on this new awareness could potentially attract a new wave of te......

Apr 27 2018

Appraisal or definitive value… which do you really need?

Price, value… and anything involving a dollar sign is the most talk-about component of property negotiations.

It is a critical element for buyers and sellers as well......

Apr 05 2018

What makes a great real estate experience?

By Kate Bradley, RE/MAX Elite, Nelson, NZ

At some stage in your life it is likely that you will need a real estate agent. You might be a buyer, a seller, an invest......

Apr 12 2018

RE/MAX Expands Directorship

Josh Davoren was announced this week (2nd April) as a Director of all companies under the umbrella of RE/MAX Australia and RE/MAX New Zealand, and joi......

Apr 05 2018